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30. November 09


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pandora jewelry

Step6In order to sell Pandora and be successful, you should determine who your customers are and how they like to buy. If your target market is made up of working women, for example, you might build a Website and sell Pandora online so they have the convenience of buying any time. If your target market is bargain shoppers, an eBay store may work well for you. If you think teenage girls will be your best market, you might give away some free Pandora jewelry to the trendsetting teens in a local high school on the condition that they tell everyone where they got them.
Step7Be sure to wear your Pandora jewelry everywhere you go. Leave a trail of business cards featuring a picture of your Pandora jewelry in every place you visit. Donate a few pieces of Pandora jewelry to your favorite local charitable organizations in exchange for advertising your business to their supporters.

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